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Corporate Wellness

Get your employees on track to a healthier and happier lifestyle by investing in their health today

Individual Counseling 

-Initial 60 min assessment 

-3 follow-up appts 

-Personalized meal plan

-Healthier You Nutrition Cookbook 

- Access to the app Healthie to track progress and document eating habits

Group Classes 

Topics (30 min session): 

-Nutrition 101

-MyPlate, Nutrition Labels, and Portion Control

-Eating Out and Meal Planning

-Grocery Shopping and Budget Friendly Meals

-Fad Diets and Food Myths

-Goal Setting and Motivation

*All sessions will end in a Q&A with a Registered Dietitian

Monthly Newsletter 

Get the scoop on the new food trends, different recipes ideas, and any other tips to achieve a healthier lifestyle!


Contact me for pricing and any other questions and I would be happy to help!

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