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 My main approach to nutrition is to break through diet culture and focus on forming healthy sustainable habits around nutrition that will last long term. If you are ready to discover a healthier you then lets get started!

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My mission is to provide individuals with the knowledge and support they need to create their own happier and healthier lifestyles.


Corporate Wellness

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I highly recommend Healthier You Nutrition.  Dayna was very helpful with educating me about healthy fats, proteins, portion control, and making better choices. She helped me set goals for myself that were very attainable.  When we would have our "check-ins," she was very encouraging and would give suggestions on what to do or try differently. She also created a 3-day menu for me, which was very helpful. Dayna has set me up for success on becoming a healthier version of myself

Cindy B.


Green Bay, WI


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